•        More than 50 people were let go at Twitter
  •        Musk in 2022 eliminated more than 3 700 jobs at Twitter
  •         Esther Crawford, one of the executives who had been in charge of Twitter Blue was also fired

Harare- In a new round of cost-cutting measures, Twitter fired additional employees late on Saturday 25 February 2023. Elon Musk now owns the social networking business and according to those familiar with the matter, the layoffs affected personnel on teams across the organization, including engineering and product. According to the persons, some employees received a termination email late Saturday, while others tweeted that they discovered their termination after they were unable to access the company's internal system. Although reports estimate there to have been dozens, the precise number of employees affected is unknown. More than 50 people were let go.

According to Platformer's Zoe Schiffer in a tweet on Sunday, Esther Crawford, one of the executives in charge of Twitter Blue, the website's subscription service, was one of those let go.

She famously wrote in a message that went viral shortly after Musk took control of Twitter last year that employees occasionally need to #SleepWhereYouWork in order to fulfill deadlines. A number of company founders who joined Twitter through acquisitions in recent years, including the founders of the design studio Ueno and the mailing startup Revue, tweeted on Sunday that they had also been fired. According to people familiar with the company, Twitter previously made an effort to avoid laying off founders in order to delay the vesting of significant stock grants.

Following his $44 billion acquisition, Musk cut more than 3,700 people at Twitter, or half of the company's employment, in 2022 in an effort to reduce costs.

In the early weeks of his ownership of the social media firm in 2022, Elon Musk continued to reduce Twitter's workforce by terminating employees who had challenged him and eliminating contractors. Over 20 Twitter employees who had resisted Musk both publicly and privately were sacked at the request of Musk's team. After completing a $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, the billionaire revealed the resignations on the website and made fun of the departing staff.

The firings came after Twitter made cuts to its contract workforce. During this time, a large number of contractors who worked on content moderation and data science were fired abruptly.

Ironically, Mr. Musk has made efforts to maintain employee motivation at Twitter. The New York Times was able to view his brief communication to the staff in which he informed them that "extraordinary amounts of stock would be rewarded for remarkable success." Without going into further detail, Mr. Musk compared the organizational structure to how things operate at SpaceX, his own private rocket company.

Due to certain sponsors pulling out, Twitter has been struggling financially. According to a person familiar with the matter, Macy's has suspended its usage of the site for advertising. Balenciaga, a fashion house, closed its Twitter account. According to a person with knowledge of the message, Omnicom Media Group, whose agencies work with brands including PepsiCo and McDonald's, advised its customers in a memo to stop using Twitter because the dangers have "risen rapidly to a level most would find intolerable." Following a Sunday tweet in which Mr. Musk complained that Twitter was "very sluggish in many places" due to the way it processed data, he was fired.

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