Bard Santner, an asset, corporate finance and wealth management firm has launched Gold Coin Unit Trust to support long-term savings by common Zimbabweans and significantly advance financial inclusion in line with global trends.

The Mos-oa-Tunya gold coin was introduced on 24 June 2022 with the first batch distributed the following month to mop up excess liquidity in the market as well as ease the US dollar demand. The gold coin has since been trading at the minimum value of US$1,600.00 with the latest figures above US$2,000.00. The trading value however has always been floating above the average savings for a common Zimbabwean. Even a further reduced value of gold coins in November by the central bank is unaffordable for an average household

 “The Bard Santner Gold Coin Unit Trust enables Zimbabweans to invest in an asset whose value is directly linked to the international gold price offering investors a platform to save while preserving value,” the firm’s executive director, Dr Alfred Mthimkhulu, said in a statement shared with the media

Just like Tigere REITs which have given access to every investor who wishes to own a unit trust a unit property a chance, the new Gold Coin Unit Trust enables investors to invest a minimum of just US$120 per year and own a share of a gold coin. As an alternative, investors can purchase additional units at a fee of $15 each month. A withdrawal notice time of seven days and a minimum investment duration of 180 days are needed.

The investment scheme allows investors to have long-term preservation in their savings given that gold has been the foremost store of value throughout the ages and performs well during times of economic volatility.

According to the company, the minimum investment in the Unit Trust will be equivalent of US$120 per year