• Zimplow's sales of goods, reached an impressive ZWL44.7 billion 
  • Zimplow achieved a gross profit margin of approximately 46.54%
  • Zimplow is now making significant strides towards acquiring a 49 percent shareholding in Barzem

Harare - Zimplow experienced a remarkable surge in the sales of goods, reaching an impressive ZWL44.7 billion compared to ZWL26.9 billion in the first half of 2023. This substantial increase in sales contributed to a significant rise in revenue, totaling ZWL52.1 billion, up from ZWL29.5 billion. However, this positive performance was overshadowed by a decline in profitability. The group's profit for the period stood at ZWL1.06 billion, while the company's profit reached ZWL9.73 billion. Several factors may have contributed to this decline, including rising costs, economic pressures, and changes in market dynamics. Notably, the profitability of both the group and the company was impacted by an increase in income tax expenses, which rose to ZWL7 billion from ZWL4.5 billion in the previous period.

Nonetheless, Zimplow's ability to drive sales growth underscores its strong market position and the demand for its products. Impressively, Zimplow achieved a commendable gross profit margin of approximately 46.54% for the group and 49.92% for the company. This signifies effective cost management and pricing strategies, enabling Zimplow to generate profits from its core operations despite the decline in overall profitability. It is worth noting that some companies are currently grappling with increased operating losses but are offsetting them with fair value gains, making Zimplow's accomplishment even more noteworthy.

Furthermore, Zimplow demonstrated operational efficiency by achieving an operating profit of ZWL8.4 billion for the group and ZWL14.8 billion for the company. This indicates the company's ability to control costs and streamline its operations, contributing to overall financial stability.

Zimplow is now making significant strides towards acquiring a 49 percent shareholding in Barzem from the UK-based firm, Barloworld. The acquisition is expected to bolster the performance of Zimplow's new business division, Tractive Power Solutions (TPS), which was established to provide earthmoving and heavy equipment solutions to customers. Zimplow has received positive feedback from its traditional clientele, who were previously served through Barzem. The company is committed to acquiring Barloworld's shareholding at a discounted rate in line with the provisions of Barzem's shareholder agreement, aiming to protect shareholder value. Zimplow's Chairman, Godfrey Manhambara, highlighted the group's efforts to reclaim its status as the preferred supplier of agriculture, mining, infrastructure, and automotive equipment solutions.

This comes as the Zimplow last week, officially launched Valmec, a new division as part of its portfolio diversification strategy. Valmec serves as a comprehensive one-stop shop, housing renowned merchandise brands such as Valtra, Mosh, Sparex, and Farmer Ziraat. The division's primary focus is to support entry-level and emerging commercial farmers who have not been previously covered by Zimplow.

Farmer Ziraat specializes in providing cost-effective land preparation equipment, including a wide range of tillage implements such as disc harrows, ploughs, and rippers. Mosh, on the other hand, caters to the supply of seeding equipment, fertilizer application tools, and crop protection implements. Sparex offers valuable after-sales and backup support, with a focus not only on Valtra tractors but also on well-known tractor brands like Case, Landini, Massey Ferguson, John Deere, and New Holland.


Vimbayi Nyakudya, the CEO of Zimplow Group, stated that the launch of Valmec Division aims to ensure that customers have access to a comprehensive range of implements at competitive prices while providing them with the best customer experience. The company's strategic vision is to become a one-stop shop, offering maximum convenience for customers in their equipment purchasing process. By doing so, Zimplow is responding to the government's call for inclusivity and ensuring that no farmer or region is left behind. The company also aligns with the Ministry of Agriculture's mandate to mechanize every farmer, recognizing the farmer as the focal point of their operations. Zimplow is committed to exploring further avenues to empower and support farmers in their mechanization journey.

In conclusion, Zimplow demonstrated impressive sales growth in the first half of 2023, reaching ZWL44.7 billion compared to ZWL26.9 billion, indicating strong market demand for its products. Despite a decline in profitability, the company's ability to maintain a commendable gross profit margin and achieve an operating profit highlights effective cost management and operational efficiency. Zimplow's pursuit of acquiring a shareholding in Barzem from Barloworld and the launch of the Valmec division further demonstrate its commitment to expanding its market presence and providing comprehensive solutions to customers, particularly emerging commercial farmers. Moving forward, Zimplow should remain dedicated to enhancing customer experiences, supporting farmers, and exploring new opportunities for growth and sustainability.