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  • Tlou advances gas-to-power project, positioning as key player.
  • Lesedi project nears completion, gas-to-electricity operation commences.
  • Government support and financial backing bolster Tlou's progress.

Tlou, an energy solutions company operating in Sub-Saharan Africa, showcased remarkable progress in its gas-to-power project during its fourteenth Annual General Meeting (AGM). The company's concerted efforts in Botswana and the broader Southern African Development Community (SADC) region have positioned it as a significant player in addressing the growing electricity demand. Tlou's commitment to establishing a robust gas infrastructure and securing strategic partnerships highlights its dedication to meeting the region's power deficiency challenges head-on.

Gas-to-Electricity Operation and Grid Connection:

Tlou's centerpiece project, the Lesedi Gas-to-Power Project, has reached a critical juncture with the commencement of the 10MW gas to electricity operation. To facilitate the connection of this project to Botswana's power grid, the company engaged Zismo Engineering Pty Ltd to construct a 100km transmission line from the Lesedi project to Serowe. With construction of the 66kV transmission line over 95% complete, Tlou expects full completion in the coming months. Furthermore, the company has partnered with Optipower, a division of Murray & Roberts Ltd, for the construction of associated substations, a vital component of the grid connection process.

Government Support and Coal Bed Methane Inclusion:

Tlou's progress has been bolstered by the unwavering support of the Botswana government. The inclusion of coal bed methane (CBM) in the country's forward plan to combat power deficiency signifies the government's recognition of the importance of alternative energy sources. This support has provided Tlou with a favorable regulatory environment, enabling the company to push forward with its gas-to-power initiatives.

Expansion and Future Prospects:

In addition to the Lesedi project, Tlou's Mamba and Boomslang project areas hold significant potential for further gas-fired power generation. These adjacent areas represent promising opportunities for the company to expand its operations and contribute more substantially to addressing the region's electricity demands. As Tlou continues to evaluate these areas, successful results could lead to separate advancements in gas-fired power projects, offering even greater capacity to meet the growing energy needs.

Financial Backing and Shareholder Support:

Over the past 12 months, Tlou successfully raised approximately AUD 14.8 million in equity and AUD 2.0 million in loan funding to support ongoing project development. These funds will ensure the company's financial stability as it progresses with its ambitious plans. Notably, the significant commitment from major shareholder ILC Investments Pty Ltd, which now holds 34.86% of Tlou's ordinary shares, underscores the confidence and support vested in the company's vision and future prospects.

Looking Ahead:

Tlou anticipates another successful year ahead, building on the substantial achievements made during this highly active period. The company's competitive advantages, including cost-effective gas drilling capabilities, operational experience, and Lesedi's strategic location, position Tlou as a key player in the region's energy landscape. Tlou's dedication to meeting the growing electricity demand in Botswana and the broader SADC region reflects its commitment to sustainable development and the facilitation of economic growth through reliable power supply.


Tlou's impressive progress in advancing its gas-to-power project and establishing itself as a key power player in Southern Africa is a testament to its unwavering commitment to addressing the region's electricity challenges. With the Lesedi project nearing completion, the company is poised to contribute significantly to Botswana's power grid. As Tlou continues to explore expansion opportunities and solidify strategic partnerships, it is well-positioned to meet the increasing energy demands of the SADC region, paving the way for sustainable growth and economic development.

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