• Letshego's digital transformation drives 38% YoY customer growth.
  • LetsGo@Work: Comprehensive value proposition with 7% YoY loan book growth.
  • Insurance product revenue surges by 33% YoY, driving non-funded income.

In an era where technology is reshaping industries and driving revenue growth, Letshego, a leading financial services provider, has emerged as a trailblazer in digital transformation and product diversification. The company's Half Year 2023 results demonstrate remarkable progress, showcasing the power of innovation and customer-centric strategies. With a significant increase in digital adoption and a broader product offering, Letshego's success story offers valuable insights for companies operating in the insurance, banking, and fintech space.

Letshego's digital transformation journey has yielded impressive results, with 60% of its core customers migrating to the Digital Mall platform. This represents a remarkable 38% year-on-year increase compared to the same period in 2022. By focusing on enhancing customer journeys through end-to-end processing, Letshego aims to provide a holistic digital experience supported by an expanded product portfolio. The company's digital platforms have witnessed a twofold increase in monthly active users, reaching an impressive count of 76,000 users in June 2023, compared to the previous year.

Letshego's value proposition, LetsGo@Work, offers a bundled solution that combines various products such as programmatic housing, insurance, wellbeing, and the core Deduction at Source (DAS) lending solution. This comprehensive offering caters to governments, corporates, and their employees. The success of LetsGo@Work is evident in the 7% year-on-year growth of the DAS loan book, which reached P11.4 billion. Notably, the DAS portfolios in Botswana, Uganda, and Mozambique have witnessed substantial growth, further solidifying Letshego's position as a trusted financial partner across multiple markets.

To achieve greater product diversification, Letshego continues to prioritize the development of other individual lending products through a test and learn approach. The company's focus on the Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE) segment has resulted in a strategic shift towards shorter loan tenors, which has influenced the net book to decline by 8% to P918 million compared to the same period last year. However, the launch of Affordable Housing in Namibia and Botswana in 2022 has begun gaining traction and will be a key area of focus in the second half of 2023. The popularity of MSE and programmatic loan applications offered through the Digital Mall has soared from under 100 in 2022 to an impressive 7,000 in the first half of 2023, highlighting the strong demand for increased digital access among MSE customers.

Letshego's insurance products have experienced remarkable growth, with revenue increasing by 33% year-on-year to P145 million. Performance in Namibia and Mozambique has been particularly strong, driving this upward trend. To fuel further growth in non-funded income, Letshego has introduced new insurance offerings, including health insurance in Uganda, education-related products in Nigeria, and family protection in Namibia. These strategic initiatives have positioned Letshego as a comprehensive financial services provider, catering to diverse customer needs.

Equity Axis Comment:

"Letshego's Half Year 2023 results demonstrate the company's successful execution of its digital transformation and product diversification strategies. By leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences and expanding their product portfolio, Letshego has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the financial services industry. The growth in digital adoption and the impressive performance of their insurance offerings underscore the company's ability to adapt to evolving customer demands. Other companies in the insurance, banking, and fintech space should take note of Letshego's achievements and consider similar strategies to drive revenue growth and stay competitive in today's digital age."


Letshego's digital transformation and product diversification initiatives have propelled the company to new heights, driving revenue growth and strengthening its position in the financial services landscape. With a significant increase in digital adoption, a broader product offering, and remarkable growth in insurance revenues, Letshego has set a compelling example for companies operating in the insurance, banking, and fintech sectors. By prioritizing customer-centric innovation and leveraging technology, organizations can unlock new opportunities and thrive in an era where digitalization is key to success.