Windhoek - The Namibia Stock Exchange (NSX) is ready to ascend to new heights after being admitted as a full member of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) last week. This status confirms the NSX meets internationally recognized standards of governance and risk management, opening its market to global investors seeking new opportunities.

For over 10 years, the NSX was an affiliate member of the WFE, but full membership shows it now complies with the WFE's 13 principles spanning regulation, technology, and investor protection. To achieve this, the NSX had to submit a detailed application proving alignment with these principles. The WFE also inspected the NSX, interviewing its team, regulators, listed companies, brokers, and vendors.

By meeting the WFE’s high standards, the NSX signals to investors and regulators around the world that it is a well-regulated exchange following best practices. This credibility makes the NSX an attractive place for investors to diversify into African markets. The NSX gives companies an efficient platform to raise capital locally and investors access to new prospects.

The NSX is one of only 12 African exchanges with full WFE membership, distinguishing it regionally and competitively. This status indicates the NSX has robust governance and risk management, which regulators and asset managers consider when granting foreign exchange access. Achieving this allows the NSX to attract more international investors, fostering Namibia’s capital market growth.

With just over 2.5 million people, Namibia has a small but promising market. It is politically and economically stable with investment-grade credit ratings. The NSX offers exposure to sectors like financials, consumer goods, industrials, and telecommunications. It has 36 listed companies with a N$2.3 trillion ($155 billion) market capitalizationWhile small now, Namibia’s capital market and NSX have growth potential from increasing foreign interest, especially given the new WFE membership. The government wants more NSX listings to deepen the market. Foreigners can boost liquidity and help listed companies raise funds.

WFE membership shows the NSX's commitment to high standards and developing Namibia’s capital market. This commitment and Namibia’s strengths make the NSX poised for growth and appealing to investors seeking well-regulated African exposure. The NSX's admission as a WFE full member opens the door to global capital, supporting Namibia’s economy.

The NSX has laid a strong foundation to become a leading African exchange. Full WFE membership is the first step, signaling its readiness for more foreign participation. With this status, the NSX can gain the attention of global investors and exchanges to form new alliances and partnerships. The NSX's vision is to provide an efficient platform for companies and investors to fuel economic growth, creating prosperity. By joining leading exchanges on an international stage, that vision is closer to becoming reality.

The road ahead is filled with opportunities for the NSX after gaining this important milestone. Exchanges worldwide have expressed interest in forming ties with the NSX, which can lead to knowledge and technology transfers to support its development. The NSX is working with stakeholders to make listing more appealing for companies, increasing market participants.

The future is bright for the Namibia Stock Exchange and capital market following this watershed moment. Investors looking for an emerging African market to gain exposure to should consider the NSX, now a member of the most prestigious federation of exchanges worldwide. The NSX marketplace—where opportunities and partnerships can be forged to transform Namibia's economy for the digital age—is ready for take-off. Overall, the recent WFE membership is set to open new chapters of progress for the NSX, Namibia's capital market, and the nation as a whole. The best is yet to come!

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