• Malawi Stock Exchange grow strong despite challenges.
  • New products and services boost investor confidence.
  • Regional memberships provide gateway to wider market

Harare-Despite economic challenges, the Malawi Stock Exchange has emerged as a leading player in the African capital market. It is the premier stock market in Africa and has continued to perform exceptionally well, particularly in the financial sector, driving recent growth. The exchange has remained resilient, and despite a difficult first quarter, it has emerged stronger with impressive gains over the past few months. As a result, it remains a shining jewel, attracting both local and foreign investors with its strong performance and resilience.

Over the past seven days, the market has risen by 1.5%, with the financial sector seeing gains of 2.2%, indicating that investors continue to have confidence in the Malawi Stock Exchange despite the country's economic situation. Over the past 12 months, the market has grown by an impressive 105%, making it one of the best-performing stock exchanges in Africa, a testament to the exchange's resilience and investor confidence.

At the Malawi Investment Forum, Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera urged global investors to consider investing in Malawi's agriculture, tourism, and mining sectors. He promised to create a conducive business environment for foreign investors and address issues brought to the authorities' attention by the private sector. Chakwera established a Private Sector Council to provide unfiltered advice on making Malawi the best place for investment and business. He also highlighted the country's membership in regional economic communities such as SADC, COMESA, and AfCFTA as a gateway to the wider market for investors.

The Malawi Stock Exchange has been on an upward trajectory for several years, introducing new products and services, expanding trading hours, and increasing market transparency, contributing to its success. This success is particularly noteworthy given Malawi's challenging economic situation, including high inflation, low foreign exchange reserves, and a high debt burden.

In conclusion, the Malawi Stock Exchange is a reliable and resilient investment option, particularly in the financial sector. Its recent growth is a testament to its strength and investor confidence, making it a bright spot in Africa's capital market and a promising option for investors seeking opportunities in challenging economic situations.

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