• Mnangagwa said fundamentals of a credible election are in place
  • Zimbabwe is set to hold harmonised general elections in August this year
  • However, Chamisa challenged the withholding of the voters roll by ZEC

Harare- As the election watershed nears, President Mnangagwa says he has put in place all the key fundamentals to hold free, fair and credible elections. 

Addressing a High-Level Debt Resolution Forum on Zimbabwe Arrears Clearance and Debt Resolution Process, on the 15th of this month, Mnangagwa said the stage was set ablaze for non-blemish elections. 

This is despite that ZEC is still holding the electronic voters rolls with only two months left for the harmonised general elections. 

This is also despite continued persecution of the opposition party members like Jacob Ngarivhume and Job Sikhala who the US, EU and UK believe are being imprisoned for bogus reasons using the anachronistic laws of the colonial period. 

Zimbabwe’s State Media also continues to put opposition voices under the bus with opposition leaders capitalising more on social media platforms like Twitter to engage with the citizens, though of a limited magnitude. 

“I want to assure you all that my government has put in place the requisite mechanisms to guarantee peaceful, free, fair and credible elections,” said Mnangagwa. 

Zimbabwe is expected to hold elections in August this year. However, Mnangagwa is yet to announce the date. 

Commenting on the withholding of the voters roll on his Twitter handle, Advocate Nelson Chamisa said, “After the blitz, the Zimbabwe voters’ roll now has over 6.4 million registered voters. We will not allow and accept a voters’ roll that is not audited, validated and signed off by all the candidates and parties.”

Chamisa is the president of the main opposition party in Zimbabwe, the Citizens Coalition for Change. 

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