• The Dinson Carbon Steel Plant has reached 60% of completion and is set to produce 600 000 tonnes of steel annually
  • Minister Kirsty Coventry reported on the establishment of the Binga Vocational Training Centre
  • Minister of Information sets out to address the information gap between the rural and urban population
  • Government partnership to develop road infrastructure

Harare-The 12th Post Cabinet Press Briefing published on the 2nd of May marked Day 50 in the implementation of priority projects for the 1st 100-Day Cycle of 2023. Cabinet received reports from respective Ministers highlighting progress in their ministries.

Minister of Mines and Mining Development reported that the construction of the Carbon Steel Plant by Dinson has reached 60% of completion. The plant was last reported in December 2022 as being 48% complete. At completion, the plant is set to produce 600 000 tonnes of steel annually and should open jobs for 2000 workers.  The upgraded Number 7 and 8 furnaces at Zimasco High Carbon Ferrochrome in Kwekwe have employed 87 locals and are expected to generate US$150 million in revenue annually by producing 70 000 metric tonnes of ferrochrome per year.  Minister W. Chitando further informed cabinet that the Sabi Star Mine Lithium Processing Plant in Buhera District of Manicaland Province has reached 80% of completion, and is expected to yield an annual turnover of US$600 million. Construction of the Prospect Resources Lithium Plant in Goromonzi has been completed, and the plant is set to employ 2000 workers. Progress was also reported in the Chegutu District where the expansion of the Pickstone Peerless Mine has reached 79% of completion and is expected to employ approximately 400 workers.

In a report by Minister Kirsty Coventry, a focus on training the youth is seen. The establishment of the Binga Vocational Training Centre is set to equip youths’ skills; the success of the center can be estimated by the success seen at comparative centres such as the Magunje Vocational Training Centre where 162 youths have been trained in solar installation, motor mechanics, building, and painting, carpentry as well as welding.  At Kukwanisa Vocational Training Centre in Mutasa District, 150 youths have completed training in Nursery Management. The economic relevance of these government initiatives lies in the stark unemployment crises among the Zimbabwean youth.

In a separate report, the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Mr. Mutsvangwa acknowledged the information gap between the rural and urban population and publicly resolved to address it. Pursuant to this he has re-introduced the Bioscope Interactive Outreach Programme.

In another report, separate from the 100-Day Cycle report, Cabinet received and approved proposals on the partnership between the Government of Zimbabwe and Bitumen World Pvt Ltd; Masimba Holdings ltd; Tensor Systems Pvt Ltd; Exodus and Co Pvt Ltd and Fossil Contracting Pvt Ltd to upgrade, rehabilitate, widen and construct the 352 km Harare-Chirundu Road with Prostruct Consulting Engineers providing consultancy services for the project. The economic relevance of the projects cannot be understated given the pivotal role that road infrastructure play in the facilitation of the movement of goods and services. Therefore, this successful partnering for this end is crucial to the country’s economic activity and overall uplifting of the populace’s livelihoods. The project is set to be completed within the envisaged 24 months.

Finally, in the post-cabinet briefing the nation was informed that much was achieved in terms of prospects for investment in sectors such as information and technology, tourism, and education as well as in image-building at the Transform Africa Summit which was hosted in Victoria Falls last week. In attendance was, amongst others; His Majesty King Mswati III of Eswatini; and Presidents Paul Kagame of Rwanda; Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia; Lazarus Chakwera of Malawi; Faure Gnassingbe of Togo. This report was received and noted by Cabinet with satisfaction. -Equity Axis