Soon after the announcement of Mpofu as the Acting Commissioner General for ZIMRA, the Board overturned the appointment of Mpofu with immediate effect.

He was appointed acting Zimra commissioner general following the sudden resignation of Rameck Masaire.The ZCDC board said at the material time, they had to relieve seven executives including Mpofu “to rebuild public and market confidence following reports of rampant corruption and abuse of office”. 

 Masaire, who was set to retire at the end of the month, will continue as acting commissioner general pending the appointment of the permanent one. 

In a press statement, ZIMRA said, “ZIMRA board wishes to inform stakeholders that the assumption of duty of Morris Mpofu as acting commissioner general of the Authority has been suspended.”

Accordingly, Rameck Masaire will continue to serve as the acting commissioner general.”

No reasons have been given by the Board for defaulting Mpofu’s appointment but Mpofu was fired in 2019 from The Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company on corrupt charges and abuse of office. However, he was later cleared from the allegations. 

Upon his dismissal in 2019, ZCDC said the move was motivated by the desire to rebuild public and market confidence. 


Commenting on Twitter, Chin’ono said,  “The regime has reversed this corrupt appointment of Morris Mpofu as ZIMRA acting  commissioner general.He was fired in 2019 from the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company where he was CEO for corruption and abuse of office.” 

Another commenter wrote,“Some drama going on over there at ZIMRA.”  

This asserts highest levels of confusion, inconsistency and professionalism as far as decision making processes of the Board is concerned.

Firstly, his 2019 corrupt allegations were likely to be known by the Board. If they knewso why appoint him?

Also, with how Mpofu was praised on his professionalism and academic prowess, it is very surprising why his appointment wwas overturned the moment it was announced. 

However, all known is that some drama is going on within the ZIMRA parameters. It is now uncertain wether Masaire will have a long term as well after seving roughly for a year.

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