Ready Set Grow: Financial education, the missing link Zimbabweans needed to reap opportunities from the ZSE


Zimbabwe’s first ever investment education program makes beginner’s investing on the stock market simpler than ever before

Until now, financial education has not been accessible, leaving the majority of Zimbabwe’s population out of participating fully in financial activities. Through a robust, informative and lively programme featuring financial experts, Bang for Buck is tipping the scales.

Bang for Buck brings Free Financial education to all Zimbabweans

The very first season of Bang for Buck is underway, presented by Equity Axis- a financial research and media house. The television series is a fresh and innovative approach to financial education, teaching Zimbabweans the basics about growing their wealth and making the most of their income. The theme for episode 2 is simplifying the most popular investment asset class, commonly known as stocks or equities.

A stock market, also known as an equity market, is a market where participants wanting to buy and sell shares meet and trade. Some of the world’s richest people are investors on the stock market, and Zimbabweans can also invest in stocks. Bang for Buck episode 2 breaks down what stocks are, how they work, and how to evaluate risks and rewards in order to invest from an informed position.

“Stocks are an important asset class, as they make up at least 25% of the total funds that are invested around the world. Asset management companies, banks and private individuals- also known as retail investors, have all used stock market capital gains and dividends to grow their money,” said Eben Mabunda, Equity Axis Bang for Buck host.

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) is one of Africa’s leading stock exchanges. In 2020, Zimbabwe also established the Victoria Stock Exchange which trades in US Dollars and currently lists two companies. Additionally, the local FINSEC stock exchange lists a few companies including Old Mutual Zimbabwe.

Another interesting investment type trading on the ZSE, other than the usual vanilla stocks, is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). In Zimbabwe, Old Mutual launched the first ETF through Old Mutual Investment Group. The Old Mutual ETF includes and tracks the top 10 ZSE counters by market capitalisation, and its performance has been phenomenal.

“Stock markets are vital for economic growth as they give companies access to capital to grow their businesses in return for a piece of ownership in the company for investors,” said Mabunda. “Based on the company’s future performance, the investor has the potential to achieve gains on their investment.”

Steps towards increasing Financial Education

Episode 2 of Bang for Buck will also share statistics about the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange’s current performance, and will break down concepts about how share price is determined and what causes risk. Viewers will learn what kinds of businesses they can invest in, why and how to engage stock brokers and learn more from the experts to interpret the current trend on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

Visit the Equity Axis Youtube channel to watch Bang for Buck Episodes, and follow Old Mutual Zimbabwe for more information about how to invest your money.


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