Bindura Nickel furthers sustainability goals

  • The Company is currently enhancing its mine closure plans implementation
  • The Company paid all claim inspection fees in 2021
  • The Company installed additional garbage receptacles along the main road to every station

Harare – Bindura Nickel Corporation is advancing its sustainability measures to reduce environmental hazards and ensure safe mining. This augurs global efforts to mitigate the impact of climate change.

In the fiscal year 2021 Sustainability Report, the Company said it is currently enhancing its mine closure plans implementation through a progressive rehabilitation and stakeholder involvement programme.

 “Mine closure plans are reviewed and updated every two years by an external consultant. The exercise often involves assessments on reclamation, sustainability plans, and assets evaluation. The report findings inform the business closure plans.

“The business conducted mine closure plan assessments through external audits, Ministry of Mines and Mining Development and Environmental Management Agency (EMA) inspections. The results showed that closure plans implementation needs to be integrated into the business for suitable and effective monitoring,” the Company said.

Well-planned mine closures ensure the sustainability of local communities and the natural environment. By initiating a progressive and integrated mine closure process, the Company can better formulate innovative solutions to support the mining industry as a whole while supporting engaged and sustainable communities.

During the year, Bindura Nickel also paid all claim inspection fees and adhered to all regulations governing mine closure plans.

The Company is sincerely working to ensure friendly environmental measures. During the review period, Bindura installed additional garbage receptacles along the main road to every station along the main highway between Bindura Town and Trojan Nickel Mine Limited and at strategic points in the plant.

The Company currently has rehabilitation measures in place which include the construction of pollution control dams and re-vegetation through tree planting.

 “The business recovers 50-90% of injected fresh oil while rehabilitating oil-contaminated soils. In addition, underground and surface water sources are kept within legal limits while minimising the discharge of effluent and sewage into the environment to zero,” the Company said.

Other sustainability measures that the Company practices include selling scrap metal, tyres, and used oil to approved and registered dealers, disposing waste rock at the waste rock dump which is used for general road construction,  and pumping slimes to the slimes dams and recycling it back to the plant.

Bindura Nickel Corporation is a mining company that operates mines and a smelter complex in Bindura, Zimbabwe. The Company is engaged in the mining and extraction of nickel, and the production of nickel by-products (copper and cobalt).

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