Tobacco Weekly Update: Sales top US$500 million

Auction flue-cured tobacco marketing season will close on Wednesday 14th July, 2021


HARARE – Tobacco sales reached US$507.3 million on day 64, up 29.77 percent ahead of US$390.9 million recorded in the same period last year, statistics from the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) show.

At that level, the current season’s sales which are still ongoing, are 29 percent below US$713.8 million recorded in the entire 2020 marketing season from 184 million kilogrammes of tobacco sold.

The TIMB update which contains stats compiled up to the 7th of July 2021 shows that farmers at the Auction Floors had sold a total of 11.9 million kgs with a value of US$33.4 million, while contract farmers had sold 171.9 million kgs with a value of US$473.9 million.

The total sold so far at 183.7 million kgs is 16 percent above 158.6 million kgs that had been sold during the comparative period last year.

The average price at the auction floors stood at US$2.82 per kg and US$2.76 per kg for contract farmers. Combined, the average price for the season to date at US$2.76 per kg betters US2.46 per kg offered during the same period last year.

The numbers of tobacco bales laid to date by both the auction floor and contract farmers are 21.85 percent higher than the same period last year while bales sold are 22.12 percent ahead of SPLY.

Meanwhile, TIMB on Thursday, 8th July 2021 announced that the 2021 auction flue-cured tobacco marketing season will close on Wednesday 14th July 2021 with final deliveries being accepted on Tuesday 13th July 2021.

“All growers who sell on auction floors are therefore advised to complete their grading and bailing operations by Monday 12th July 2021 at the very latest,” the Board’s CE, Meanwell Gudu said.

He added that the flue-cured auction tobacco clean-up sale for the 2021 marketing season will be held on Wednesday 5th August 2021, and maybe continued for more than one day depending on the volume of deliveries.

Contract sales will continue until further notice.

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