Zim Covid-19 Vaccine Check: Dose shortages slow down vaccination campaign

With 208 days left in the year, pressure to meet vaccination targets mounts by the day.

  • 9.6m yet to be fully vaccinated
  • Reports of vaccine shortages in some cities
  • Arrival date of next vaccine batch yet to be announced

Vaccination data as of 6 June 2021

By 23 May 2021, Zimbabwe had fully vaccinated 278,537 people and had 222 calendar days left in its targeted herd immunity timeline. The implication at the time was that 43,790 people needed to be vaccinated daily to achieve the reported year-end goal.

As of June 6th, 2021, the implied required “jab rate” to achieve herd immunity was up 6% at 46,246 vaccinations per day over the next 208 days of 2021.

The conversion of Covid-19 vaccines into a public good by the Zimbabwean government has broadly been welcomed by society, following a nervy March 2020 pandemic management, the ensuing surge in positive Covid-19 cases and global uncertainties surrounding availability and effectiveness of developed vaccines. It is therefore not surprising that reports of vaccine shortages have emerged around Zimbabwe, as associated stigma has gradually decreased leading to a steady rise in willingness to be vaccinated (as reflected in the infographic above).

Vaccine supply-side challenges are not limited to Zimbabwe. As and when the next batches of vaccines become available locally, it is expected that the 9,619,214 people (or a sizeable portion of that group) yet to be fully vaccinated will act responsibly by getting their first and second jabs.

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