Zim Covid-19 Vaccine Check: 9.8m Yet To Be Fully Vaccinated

The long road ahead towards national "herd immunity"


Key Stats

  • 1st dose uptake grew 56% since 26 April
  • 236 calendar days left in year-end vaccination timeline
  • 9.8 million people yet to be fully vaccinated
Zim Covid-19 Vaccination Update As at 09-05-21

On 26 April 2021, Zimbabwe had fully vaccinated 53,418 people and had 250 calendar days left in its targeted herd immunity timeline. The implication at the time was that 39,786 people needed to be vaccinated daily to achieve the reported year-end goal.

As of 9 May 2021, the implied required “jab rate” to achieve herd immunity was up 4.8% at 41,703 vaccinations per day over the next 236 days of 2021.

Even though full vaccinations are up 196% since our last Vaccine Check, the Ministry of Health’s workload and our shared responsibility as a country are clear.

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