Innscor’s light manufacturing, services post increased volumes

  • Natpak delivered 26 percent growth in aggregate volumes
  • Prodairy volumes increased by 27 percent
  • Probottlers delivered a 57 percent increase in volumes
  • Probrands volumes were up 43 percent

Harare – Innscor Africa Limited said its other light manufacturing and services recorded considerable increases in volumes across all units for the year ended December 31, 2020 despite the Covid-19 restrictions which battered industries.

This reporting segment comprises Natpak, Prodairy, Probottlers and the Group’s non-controlling interests in Probrands.

In a statement accompanying the Groups financial results, Independent Non-Executive Chairman, Addington Bexley Chikomborero Chinake said Natpak delivered a 26 percent growth in aggregate volumes against the comparative period, underpinned by previous investments into capacity enhancements.

“Volumes in the Flexibles, Rigids and Corrugated divisions all showed strong growth, whilst in the Sacks division volumes were similar to the comparative period mainly as a result of reduced maize meal output.

“Global shipping delays arising from COVID-19 related restrictions have in turn delayed the commissioning of the planned expansion of the Rigid’s capacity scheduled initially for the latter part of the period under review. This installation is currently underway with commissioning now expected in the third quarter,” said Chinake

At Prodairy, Chinaked said volumes increased by 47 percent against the comparative period.

He said the dairy blend category continues to record excellent volume growth, driven by ongoing flavour and packaging format enhancements.

Going forward he said focus will continue on growing raw milk supply, increasing production capacity, and further enhancing product range in both the “Revive” and “Life” ranges.

In the period under review, Probottlers delivered a 57 percent increase in volumes on the comparative period, driven mostly by previously reported capacity expansion investments.

Chinake said further investments to unlock production efficiencies, product variations, and an upgrade to key parts of the bottling lines will continue in the period ahead.

At Probrands, volumes were 43 percent above those of the comparative period, driven by a significant improvement in the rice category and specialised and down-packed products.

The new “Ideal” condiments range also continued to gain market share and registered a 45 percent volume increase against the comparative period.

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