Mild lockdown restrictions boost Varun’s volumes

  • Sales volumes up 40 percent in Zimbabwe
  • 17 percent increase in sales volumes in Zambia

Harare – Varun Beverages Zimbabwe Limited, which bottles Pepsi products in Zimbabwe has reported a sales volume increase of 40 percent in 2020 owing to the mild lockdown regulations in the country.

The company which is the largest bottler, manufacturer and distributor of Pepsi products outside the United States has operations in a number of countries including Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa.

In a conference call, management commented on the increase on sales volumes by 40 percent in 2020 which was aided by the easing of lockdown restrictions in Zimbabwe hence boosting sales

“In Zimbabwe, we’ve done extremely well and Zambia also grew by 17 percent,” said the management.

Zambia which also has a Varun Beverages subsidiary had its sales volumes increase by 17 percent also aided by the mild lockdown restrictions which allowed customers to purchase and consume any beverage unlike in South Africa.

The company earlier this year commissioned a new production line, the Aquaclear bottled water as part of its products and innovation plan for 2021.

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