Digitalisation to greatly improve ZIMSTAT’s efficiency

  • The agency has computerized its data collection and processing system
  • Consequently, CPI information to now be published 7 days after processing against the traditional 30 days

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) says that beginning in January 2021, Consumer Price Index (CPI) data will be disseminated within the same month of collection and calculation as a result of improved efficiency brought about by the computerization of the process.

In a statement, ZIMSTAT revealed that inflation figures will now be released a week after collection as opposed to the traditional 30 days.

“Data collection is normally done for five working days around the 15th of every month. Therefore, the date of dissemination will be the 27th of every month,” the agency stated

“This has been made possible by the adoption of computerization in data collection and processing. Prior to this, data collection was paper based. As a result, ZIMSTAT was publishing inflation figures 30 days after data collection.”

This means the statistics agency will cut down time taken to publish inflation data and improve efficiency by over 75%.

The move to digitalize is somewhat overdue in an economy which has made great strides in the area and also considering the volatility of the Zimbabwean economy delays in the publishing of data especially on inflation could render the information useless as things would have already changed while the quick release could make the difference in logistical planning for various players in the market.

Meanwhile the latest CPI figures released by ZIMSTAT for the Month of December show that inflation for the month stood at 348.59% after shedding 53.07 percentage points from the November figure of 401.66%.

ZIMSTAT was established through the Census and Statistics Act of 2007 and is the main source of official statistical data in Zimbabwe while having the authority to certify and designate any other statistics produced in and for the country.

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