Zimbabwe’s death toll reaches new peak as COVID-19 cases accelerates

  • 53 deaths recorded on Tuesday
  • Cumulative cases now stand at 28,675
  • The country is currently on a national lockdown

HARARE – While talk of the vaccine roll-out has taken center stage, from conspiracy theories to the questions about source of supply, Zimbabwe’s death toll from the coronavirus has reached a new daily peak.

On Tuesday, the country recorded 53 deaths, breaking the daily record of 47 recorded Friday of the previous week. According to the data circulated by the Department of Civil Protection, cumulative cases now stands at 28,675 with a total of 825 deaths.

Recoveries are standing at 18,110.

While Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 death toll and cumulative cases does not compare worse to other countries like the neighbouring South Africa and Western countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom, the country is at this moment facing its biggest challenge with the virus, and as the experience of the aforementioned countries shows, the curve is not easy to contain.

The country has seen some of its popular figures succumb to the virus. Last year the virus claimed the life of popular media personality Zororo Makamba. Today, it was reported that Sibusisa Moyo, a man who rose to prominence earning himself the title “coup announcer” passed away after contracting the virus. He was currently serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, the Government has enforced a one-month national lockdown in response to the surging cases.

Recently, it was reported that the country is set to receive over three million doses of vaccine secured by the African Vaccine Acquisition Task team (AVATT) under the African Union (AU). While the vaccine has to date saw several developers, there has also been various conspiracy theories, at the center of the debate being whether it is safe to take the vaccines or not.

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