TSF’s 2020 tobacco selling season preparations well under way

  • Selling season to commence in three to six weeks
  • The group continues to invest in upgrading handling facilities

Harare – As the country gears for this year’s tobacco selling season, TSL’s Tobacco Sales Floors preparations for the period are at an advanced stage.

The tobacco marketing season for 2020 is expected to start between three to six weeks later this year with opening dates yet to be announced.

TSL has stated that it continues to invest in upgrading tobacco its handling facilities to improve the customer experience.

Capital investments, process refinements, testing and introduction of technologies along with customer training and awareness programs in preparation for the start of the tobacco selling season are undertaken during this period.

According to a joint statement released by the RBZ and TIMB last week, government will maintain the 50/50 forex retention for tobacco in the upcoming selling season.

Propak Hessian commenced distribution of tobacco packaging materials at the onset of the first quarter achieving satisfactory volumes and adequate stocks are available for the season.

The Group’s volumes of chemicals supplied into the market by its Agricura business ahead of prior year.

In addition, the Group has ensured that there are adequate stocks available throughout its wide distribution channels  however, volumes in some of the business’ product lines, notably fertilisers, were below expectation owing to the 2019/2020 weather patterns.

The country saw a shift in weather patterns as the El Nino phenomena whose effects were first experienced in the 2015/2016 summer cropping season affected the country again resulting in below normal rainfall in the season with most of the rains only coming in January.

This has resulted in most farmers planting their crops later than usual.

With the coming of the rains, the volumes are expected to improve into the second quarter and the Group continues to supply product into the Command Agriculture scheme.

TSL also added that its new 25 hectare banana plantation is producing well and volumes are significantly above the comparable prior period.

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