Civil Service offered cushioning allowances as salary negotiations falter

  • Cushioning allowances effective January 2020
  • Public sector rejects 100% salary increase
  • Treasury uses capitalistic tactics to corner workers

Harare – The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, has offered cushion allowances to the members of the Public service in an attempt to ease their living standards given the dreadful economic environment where the cost of living gets higher by the minute.

In a press statement, the Ministry said, “Government is fully cognisant of the critical economic role that Civil Servants play in the delivery of public services, and thus remains committed to improving the welfare of all Civil Servants in light of the current challenging macroeconomic environment.”

The Ministry said Civil Servants will start receiving their allowance in full from 14 January 2020.

This decision follows the Public Service Commission’s approval to implement the Government decision, guided by the capacity of the economy and the 2020 Budget.

Treasury has concurred with Government’s decision to implement allowances as follows:

Band F $400, Band E $800, Band D $780, Band C $770, Band B $760 and Band A $750.”

However, at an Apex meeting attended by 15 Unions and Staff Association on the 13th of January 2020, public sector workers rejected Government’s RTGS2033 for the lowest paid worker. They argued that it does not in any way address the incapacitation of workers which has now become chronic

“The Government must respond to our position paper presented to them in 2019 whose substantive demand is that the October salary of US$475 for the lowest paid civil servant be multiplied by the going interbank rate.” Reads part of the statement.

The country has been on an economic downturn, in which the low disposable income has resulted in depressed consumer demand.

The question from the despondent Zimbabwean citizens still remains, are these allowances helpful in any way? School fees have spiked, inflation has stripped the citizen of his capacity to proper basic welfare.

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