Mobile network operators embarks on tariff hikes as macroeconomic challenges persist


    Harare – Local mobile network operators have embarked on a tariff hike which is reflective of the spiralling inflation as Zimbabwe continues grappling through a tough economic demise since the last of such experience in 2008 characterised by acute cash and foreign currency shortages, deterioration in the value of local currency, winding fuel queues and persistent shortages and major power cuts.

    State owned mobile network operator, NetOne has effective 8 August 2019 increased its data and SMS tariffs with the cheapest package being the 12mb monthly bundle at a cost of 75 cents.

    Meanwhile, according to some reports Econet Wireless is set to increase its tariffs effective Friday 13th barley a month after the previous tariff review.

    Prices of most basic goods and services in Zimbabwe have been constantly moving northwards mostly as a factor of the continuous increase in fuel prices widely believed to be seeking parity with the exchange rate.

    Zimbabweans were presented with another nightmare in relation to the anticipation of major price increases as the Finance Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube presented the 2019 mid-term budget headlined by grand price hikes in government services and whose sustainability is heavily anchored upon over taxation.

    The increase in the prices of goods and services is undoubtedly further robing into the already poor salaries of most Zimbabweans who are struggling with bread and butter issues.

    Meanwhile, government through the recent budget presentation suspended the reporting of soaring inflation, a move widely criticised by analysts as trying to hide the extent to which the economy has sunk.

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