A third of Zimbabwe’s population in dire need of food aid


    Harare – The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) has said that about 5.5 million of Zimbabwe’s rural population are in need of food assistance this year following erratic rainfall and dry spells from October to March in the previous cropping season which have diminished crop production.

    Other factors undermining food security in Zimbabwe include crop pests, and livestock and crop diseases and a ravaging Tropical Cyclone Idai experienced in the eastern Zimbabwe resulting in more than 300 deaths, destroying property and livelihoods, negatively impacting the food security of approximately 192,000 people, and displacing approximately 51,000, according to the UN.

    Additionally, economic instability characterised by generally poor salaries across most sectors, national electricity outages, high and constant fuel price increases are constraining livelihoods and household incomes.

    In a presentation in the capital today, FEWSNET said the national situation is even worse considering equally high urban food insecurity.

    FEWSNET said a research to factor in the urban population’s food assistance needs is already underway.

    Equity Axis News


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