Internet connection derail ZSE trading

HARARE- Trading on the ZSE was curtailed by intermittent internet connection on Tuesday, in a session which however saw the bourse emerge with stronger demand.

in a notice published by the ZSE, traders were allowed more time to travel to the exchange where callovers are conducted, in typical fashion. This model had since been abandoned and only reserved for unusual circumstances such as those that prevailed today.

In 2015 the ZSE introduced an automated trading system which allowed brokers to trades from their terminals at respective premises. This did not only increase the time of trading but the speed of transacting and was envisaged to improve trading flows.

In light of ongoing forex challenges there are fears of service cuts related to systems especially those hosted or maintained from outside Zimbabwe. In 2017, ZSE’s website was taken down for failure to settle maintanence fees.

~Equity Axis News

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