Tough competition drives Delta into a price climbdown

Harare – Delta Corporation has announced the return of its range of soft drinks with an adjustment to the prices. Having lost their production value in the last quarter of the year ended 31 December 2018 and with PEPSI doubling and selling its own drinks at exceptional prices Delta could not stay on the sideways when the ball kept rolling.

Delta Beverages dominated the beverage and soft drink up until late last year in December when the company stopped production and gave their competitor, PEPSI a gap to further penetrate the market.

Pepsi Zimbabwe took advantage of Delta’s closure and more than doubled their production at its manufacturing and bottling plant in Harare.

Pepsi increased its production by 150% while operating at full capacity, making sure that they meet the growing demand which grew at the back of Delta’s absence from the market.

Delta’s drinks that had become a scarce commodity due to the currency constraints is now back on the market. On the 8th of December Delta had announced that they would be suspending the production of their range of soft drinks due to the high inflation rate and foreign currency shortages.

Today on the 9th of May, Delta announced that it has brought back the soft drinks at even better and lower prices. With their assorted 300ml RGB drinks at a $1.25; coke zero 330ml can at $1.60; assorted 330ml can at $1.80; assorted 350ml pet drinks at 1.80; coke zero 500ml drinks at $2; 500ml assorted pet drinks at $2.15 with the 1litre RGB assorted drinks at $3.60 and 2litre assorted pet drinks going for $6.40.

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Raynold Mhotseka

Raynold Mhotseka is a Journalism and Media Studies student at the University of Zimbabwe. He serves as a news writer at financial research firm, Equity Axis where he is currently on attachment.

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