GMB receives 900k tonnes of maize


    The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has received 896 273 tonnes of maize and 21 750 tonnes of small grains as the parastatal has come up with measures to ensure smooth deliveries of the grain to its depots.

    GMB general manager Rockie Mutenha, yesterday said GMB was receiving an average of 77 000 tonnes of maize every week.

    Mr Mutenha said during the same period last year, the parastatal had received 797 916 tonnes of maize and 21 873 tonnes of small grains.

    He said GMB had come up with different initiatives to ensure farmers deliver their grain within shortest period.

    He said the measures included working long hours at some of the busiest depots as well as recruiting additional staff to speed up the uptake of deliveries from farmers as well as farmer payments.

    “GMB also took note of recent media reports were farmers were complaining about the delays being experienced at some GMB depots.

    “We are happy to say that situation at GMB Chipinge has already been attended to and the reported delay was caused by an operational issue. The depot had reached its full capacity therefore management had resorted to moving Presidential Inputs to create space for new intake. The farmers were attended to after the space had been created,” he said.

    GMB also intends to scale up the opening of collection points pending its receipt of funding from Treasury.

    “The opening of collection points will also assist to de-congest its depots countrywide. GMB is also in the process of installing 26 additional weigh-bridges at its busy depots.

    Early this year, the GMB also ordered 1 600 platform scales (10-bag scale), 300 scales have already been delivered and are being as sized by the technical department before they are distributed to various depots and collection points to speed up maize deliveries.

    He urged farmers to adhere to prescribed quality standards such as the correct moisture content.

    GMB accepts grain with 12,5 percent moisture content.

    “This is critical to ensure long-term storability and minimal post-harvest losses. Farmers are encouraged to deliver their maize and small grains directly to GMB depots.

    “We encourage farmers to continue delivering maize and small grains so that we meet our food security target. Government is committed to ensuring that all delivered grain will be paid for in the shortest period and at least within 14 working days,” he said. — BH24/ Herald


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