Kenya Govt partners with AFDB in delivery of Big 4 Agenda


    The Government of Kenya and the African Development Bank (AFDB) have signed a $1.7 (Ksh 170.5 million) grant agreement aimed at enhancing the delivery of the Big 4 Agenda.

    The grant will strengthen the human resource and systems capacity of the Presidents Delivery Unit (PDU) to enable it to monitor progress, coordinate inter-ministerial dependencies and report on overall implementation of the approved programmes of the Big 4 agenda.

    AfDB Director General for Eastern Africa, Mr. Gabriel Negatu reiterated that the Big 4 projects are fully aligned with the banks High -5 priorities to transform Africa.

    “Every shilling invested by the Government must result in timely completion of projects and tangible benefits for the people of Kenya. This is what the President expects of us,” said Henry Rotich C.S National Treasury

    President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four agenda comprise four key areas of priority covering provision of universal health coverage, quality jobs to Kenyans through enhancing the manufacturing sector, universal healthcare; affordable housing that will see the construction of 500,000 units and food security and nutrition.

    AfDB 10-year strategy focuses on two objectives to achieve growth that is more inclusive, leading not just to equality of treatment and opportunity but to deep reductions in poverty and a correspondingly large increase in jobs.

    The second objective Green growth is to ensure that inclusive growth is sustainable, by helping Africa gradually transition to “green growth” that will protect livelihoods, improve water, energy and food security, promote the sustainable use of natural resources and spur innovation, job creation and economic development.

    – KWS


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