Isuzu Motors to set up assembly plant in Ethiopia


    Isuzu Motors is set to establish an assembly plant in Ethiopia via Japanese based Itochu Corporation. The assembly plant is expected to be in operation within the next 2 years but the prototype plant of the plant will be finalized by the end of 2018, with some knocked down units already being ordered for shipments.

    Kessate-Berhan Mengiste, the automobile section manager with Itochu Corporation told the Ethiopian dailies that the trending changes and growth of Ethiopia is attracting the likes of Isuzu. He argues that the momentum in Ethiopia ignited the increase of Isuzu-Itochu presence.

    National Motors Corporation (NMC) and Kaki PLC have joined in the dealership whilst one more dealer is expected to join the business, Kessate-Berhan said.

    Isuzu targets to introduce additional models including medium and long buses for public transportations. NPR and FSR Isuzu truck series are widely used in Ethiopia. However, FVR 23 and FVR 33 trucks which are believed to be handy for bottling companies are to be made more available in Ethiopia.

    Annual sales of Isuzu trucks have reached 800 units an increase of 96 percent from the previous years.
    Other indirect imports that are mostly sourced from Dubai to reach up to 3,000 units.

    – Kenyan Wallstreet


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