UK pledges GBP 2 billion investment in Mozambique


    The British government has promised to mobilise business in the United Kingdom to channel investments to various sectors of Mozambique’s economy, Noticias reports.

    The pledge was made yesterday in London by the British Secretary of State for International Trade, Liam Fox, in a meeting with President Filipe Nyusi, who is in the UK for the Commonwealth Heads of State Summit.

    Fox said that British authorities would channel two billion pounds in investments in the country, adding that the UK private sector was interested in the opportunities Mozambique currently offers, especially in natural gas, heavy sands and coal.

    At yesterday’s meeting, Mozambique’s investment opportunities in tourism, agribusiness, education, gas and oil were discussed. Fox believes that Mozambique has a promising future, despite the strong international pressure resulting from the ‘hidden debts’ debacle.

    The UK has created a GBP 20bn investment package to invest in the African continent, of which two billion are specifically earmarked for Mozambique.

    Mozambique’s Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ragendra de Sousa, who is accompanying the president on his working visit to London, is keen for the UK private sector to take advantage of opportunities and create partnerships with Mozambican entrepreneurs.

    President Nyusi yesterday met with his Guyanan counterpart, David Grenger, and attended a meeting on combating malaria at the Commonwealth Summit, which ends tomorrow.

    President Nyusi also reaffirmed his commitment to lasting peace in Mozambique to his counterparts and academics, business people and other guests in a speech delivered at Chatham House.

    – COM


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