Britam Introduces the Imarika Investment Plan with Free Life Insurance Cover


    Britam Holdings Limited has introduced a plan that allows you to earn great returns while you enjoy a life insurance cover at the same time.

    The plan, which is called Imarika Investment Plan, is a customer-centric product that eliminates the lengthy and structured nature of conventional insurance products by offering a flexible life policy where you can make monthly contributions of as little as Sh1,000 over a minimum period of five years. What’s more, your investment guarantees you a free life insurance cover of Sh50,000!

    Investing in the Imarika Investment Plan

    Customers can also make lump sum contributions from Sh50,000 depending on their preferences. There is also no limit as to how often you can make your contribution.

    Imarika is ideal because it not only allows you to reduce your contribution but also enables you to increase your investment as you see fit. Additionally, as your contribution increases, you can make partial withdrawals of up to 30 percent after three years. When the selected period expires, “the policy pays the maturity value to the policyholder.”

    The Imarika Investment Plan is suitable for anyone who wants to amass money within the medium-term to the long-term. Furthermore, Imarika is suitable for clients with other plans who want to diversify.

    The minimum term of the plan is 5 years and the plan runs from 5 years to 20 years. The plan is not subjected to withholding tax because it is a unit-linked policy. That is to say that you will save 15 percent tax on the interest. You can also apply for tax relief if your policy is 10 years or more.

    Improved Accessibility
    Britam has also introduced an innovative way of improving customer service through its client portal. The portal allows customers to purchase a wide range of products such as life insurance, asset management, and pension. The client portal also offers access to customer support services. On the other hand, you can access Britam’s products and services by dialing *778#.


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