New wholesale firm gains ground


    market, which was traditionally dominated by giants such as Mahomed Mussa. The company says its rapid penetration of the market was due to a number of new services that were being rolled out. These include all modes of payment and personalised customer service.

    Gain, which has made a $1 million investment towards Harare Mega 1 refurbishment (at the Sam Nujoma St and Robson Manyika Ave corner), is planning to provide a full range of products in all its outlets including food, fruits as well as a range of hardware components.

    Also, electrical parts will be sold in its quest to command the largest market share.
    Gains Cash and Carry Harare branch manager Thandine Jambaya said the wholesale was offering new services, which are new to the sector.

    “We have a wide range of customers, products, convenience and we do customer care and we have a liquor centre, which we feel are the most important issues in the running of this store. We are well located in the CDB and also alongside our competitors. We are strategically located.

    “We are trying to ensure that everything is done under one roof, we want to continue looking at where our competitors are lacking and improving on those areas.”
    She said Gain’s liquor centre will be the main axis for driving growth and will stock a range of products from soft drinks to lagers and sorghum beer.

    – Herald


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