Kenya’s first SME Capacity Building Portal Goes Live!!


    The Kenya Bankers Association (KBA)’s has unveiled a new program that seeks to make it easy for SMEs to access both finance and training to aimed at growing their businesses.

    The approach, the first of its kind in the country will include training via a web portal that provides free expertise that small business owners require for their business in areas such as marketing, value chain and operations, financial modelling, human resource and more.

    Overall, the curriculum presents a unique opportunity to equip small business owners with the skills, knowledge and information to prepare them for their next big business leap while inculcating them with skills to ensure their business become part of the formal economy.

    With this new platform, SMEs will be able to access to quality content that has been developed by the Kenya Insititute of Management.

    MSMEs will in the web portal will create business profiles that will include the nature of their businesses as well as capital requirements. Banks will then use this information to source them for the credit facility and their ability to repay the loan.

    SMEs can register to take part in the online capacity building program by following this link which will take them to the sign-up page for the portal.

    – KWS


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