Mozambique-Norway Energy Week gets under way


    Ingvil Smines Gjedde, Deputy Minister of Oil and Energy of the Kingdom of Norway, is visiting Mozambique from this Monday, accompanied by a 40-strong business delegation from her country.

    The visit is part of the celebrations of the 40 years of cooperation between the two countries, which has focused on areas such as energy, hydrocarbons, sustainable management of natural resources, good governance and institutional capacity building.

    In Maputo, representatives of Mozambique Norway will discuss the state of cooperation between the two countries in a workshop directed by the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Max Tonela and the Norwegian deputy minister of petroleum and energy. The event will be attended by Mozambican and Norwegian businesspeople and the managers of public and private companies.

    Aa a partner of Mozambique, Norway has financed the construction of the Cuamba and Lichinga Mini-Hydropower Plants in Niassa Province, electrification projects in five central and northern provinces, and the construction of the interconnection line between Mozambique and Zimbabwe, among others. It has also trained oil sector personnel.

    -O País


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