Mozambique: Gasoline up, cooking gas down


    On Wednesday, the price of gasoline was going up in Mozambique, while the price of cooking gas (LPG) was coming down, the government has announced.

    Gasoline rises from 61.12 to 62.06 meticais per litre, while diesel remains at 56.43 meticais per litre. Cooking gas (LPG) falls from 70.11 to 68.43 meticais per kilo.

    The price revision follows the monthly adjustment provided for by law whenever there the base price changes by more than 3 percent, or if there is a change in the tax regime.

    The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy said in a statement that it would continue to subsidise public and private passenger transport, farming and artisanal fishing, and power generation in the districts.

    The last price adjustment for fuels and other petroleum products took place on 20 December. C.O.M


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