Dairibord maintained rallying mode as the stock rerate after a strong first half recovery.


    The stock market remained on course to set a new all time after gaining yet another solid 1.58% in the session today to close at 232.02. the index is now within range and just 0.32% of beating the August 2013 all time high of 232.87.

    In the past 3 sessions alone the industrial index has gained 4.48% which breaks down to an average of 1.5% gain per session and against this pace the index will surpass prior record highs with momentum still on its side.  The mining index stemmed losses on recovering by 5.65% to close at 73.47.

    A total of 23 counters exchanged hands in the session today and of these 12 went up while and 2 declined with the remainder sailing at stable prices.

    Dairy producer Dairibord maintained rallying mode adding a significant 18.28% to close at 11c as the stock rerate after a strong first half recovery.   Rio Zim which touched a 5 year high of 65c after gaining 7.88% in the session in turn driving the mining index to recovery after a couple of sessions in the red.

    Padenga maintained upsurge rising for the sixth straight session today where it added  6.83% to 44.87c. ZPI and Axia were also among the top risers adding  6.67% and 5.26% to 1.60c and 16c respectively.

    Heavies Econet , Delta, Seedco and Old Mutual likewise remained buoyant closing with gains in the session. Bindura marginally recouped earlier losses on gaining 1.24% to 2.45c.

    First Mutual and Proplastics made up the losers set .The duo came off  by 4.17% and 1.19% to 11.50c and 6.62c respectively.

    Turnover in the session came in at $0.32 million which is below the 3 day average.  Econet , Delta, PPC, ZPI and Seedco were the top value contributors in that respective order. The total number of shares exchanged in the session stood at 1.3 million.


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